NYHeartsU homeless care kit Lace and Scone

#NYHeartsU is Lace & Scone's message to New York City's homeless:

“Someone in New York City notices you, cares about you, loves you, and is doing what they can to help you.”

homeless care kit giveaway Lace and Scone

Tonight, 61,931 people will sleep in NYC shelters. This doesn't include the thousands of unsheltered homeless people who sleep on the streets, subway systems, or other public places. Families with children comprise 75% of shelter guests. Families with children. These numbers are ugly.

We know New Yorkers can walk fast and talk fast and ignore a lot of things, but we believe that we still have the collective capacity to love (and notice, and help) our neighbors. 

So Lace & Scone is doing something about it. It's super simple: One for One.

With every purchase of $10 or more from our online shop, we donate an essential care kit to a homeless person in NYC. We are distributing the kits through local shelters and directly to people living on the streets.

NYHeartsU homeless care kit from Lace & Scone

Our kits include:

  • socks
  • toothbrushes and toothpaste
  • wet wipes and hand sanitizer
  • shampoo and body wash or soap
  • feminine hygiene products (female kits)

Homeless women care kit Lace & Scone

For 2017, our goal is to donate 5,000 kits.

We can't do this alone, we need your support. Please have a look around our online shop and remember that we will give away a kit for every purchase of $10 or more. 

homeless care kit Lace & Scone

Want to get more involved? Drop us a note at hello at laceandscone dot com. We are always looking for partners, collaborators, good news tellers, etc.

Search hashtag #NYHeartsU on social media to learn more.

NYHeartsU homeless care kits Lace & Scone

Images by Senshi Thomas